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Anyone in Canada looking for an affordable car loan option can instantly qualify for an approval even with:

  • Poor Credit
  • No Credit History
  • Consumer Proposal Loan
  • Past Auto Loan Default
  • Bankruptcy
  • History of Car Repossession

Get Behind the Wheel of a Brand New Car Without Paying Any Down Payment

Nowadays, cars have become an absolute necessity. Millions of Canadians traverse to work and back every single day and, with the increasing population growth, public transportation may no longer be convenient enough for you. Fortunately, Credit Auto Center now offers instant auto loan approval to all applicants. We guarantee a fast auto loan approval even for those with serious credit issues like bankruptcy, car repossession, and consumer proposal loans. You can instantly get approved for up to $45,000 auto financing as long as you are regularly earning at least $1,900 every month and have legal driver’s license.

Drive the Car of Your Dreams Now – Apply 100% FREE. You Only Need to Submit 3 Requirements to Get Approved:

  • Minimum gross income of $1,900/month
  • Car Insurance Coverage
  • Authorized Driver’s License

We also provide financing options for any car you want, new or used. With our incredible auto loan options, you can get behind the wheel of your new car without paying a single loonie. We don’t require any minimum a down payment or cosigner just to get you approved. Credit Auto Center works with hundreds of proven and trusted car dealerships throughout Canada so we can give you the best car deals possible. Whether you are looking for a SUV, Pickup Truck, Minivan or Compact Sedan, we have it all for you. Our gallery contains more than 4,000 different cars readily available for you. Simply fill-out our 1-minute online application today and receive an approval from us in 24 hours or less.  Once you have secure an approval, one of our representative will immediately contact you and link you to one of our dealership partners. Know the car you want and we will do all the rest. You don’t have to fall victim to expensive auto loan options just because you have bad credit.

When making an expensive purchase such as a new vehicle, you definitely want to avail the best option available that is well within your budget. Credit Auto Center is one of the leading bad credit auto loan lender in the country. Our auto loan rates are reasonable with very low annual percentage rate. With Credit Auto Center as your lender, we can give you the best bargaining prices, limited promos and huge discounts on any type of car you want. Our goal is to help car buyers in Canada get the car that they deserve at a reasonable price. More importantly, we want to help you improve your credit through our auto loan options.

Credit Auto Center accepts online application 24/7. Apply anytime you want using your smartphone or computer. It is 100% FREE with no hidden charges, fees, or obligations attached. Act now and we guarantee an auto loan approval in less than 24 hours. Credit Auto Center has the fastest online auto loan approval process in Canada. Take advantage of our offers today and become a car owner even with terrible or no credit.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Purchase the Car That You Really Want in Canada

Car Loans

We have the best auto loan options in-store for you

  • Guaranteed Auto Loan For All Types Of Credit – Good Credit, No Credit, Bad Credit.
  • Auto Loan Option Ranges From $6,000 to $45,000
  • Allows Financing For New or Used Vehicle
  • $0 Down Payment Option On All Vehicles In Our Gallery
  • Safe & Fast Online Application – Takes Only 30 Seconds!
  • Absolutely FREE Approval – You Don’t Have To Accept Any Offer You Receive

We have the highest approval rate in Canada. Most number of average auto loan approvals per month.

Contrary to what most Canadian consumer believe, buying a car with terrible credit and no down payment or cosigner is possible if you work with a reliable lender like Credit Auto Center. They offer a wide array of financing options and provides guaranteed approval regardless of credit score. As long as you have a stable job and a minimum income of $1,900 per month, you are virtually approved.

Credit Auto Center also gives pre-approved auto loans. In this option, you get to secure an auto loan first prior to the actual car selection process. This way, you will be able to determine the budget that suits you best. This option is proven to be faster than the traditional auto loan process. Once you’ve been pre-approved, all you have to do is shop for    a car within the approved amount. It’s indeed a simpler and a faster way of buying a car.

Credit Auto Center gives at least 1,000 auto loan approvals in Canada alone per month. We provide nationwide auto financing coverage. No matter where you live, you are more than welcome to apply. We don’t look at your credit for approval. Credit Auto Center specializes on bad credit and no credit auto financing. Don’t worry about having poor credit, we can find ways to help you get the car you need at an affordable monthly rate…

Best Auto Loan Provider in Canada

Credit Auto Center is one of the most reliable online auto loan provider in Canada. Thousands of car buyers can attest to how affordable and accessible our auto loan options are. Our online application process is completely free, with no hidden charges or any extra fees attached. In fact, you don’t even have any obligation to go through with the process should you change your mind along the way. More importantly, our site is 100% secure. All information are strictly kept confidential. Apply at your own time and convenience using your mobile device, tablet or computer. As long as you are earning $1,900/month and have valid driver’s license, we guarantee a fast and hassle-free approval. You don’t even have to worry about making a huge down payment or finding someone to co-finance your loan.

Most Competitive Auto Loan Rates in Canada

We do our best to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our auto financing rates are flexible and can compete with other mainstream auto loan companies. Our services are proven and tested by over 200,000 car buyers across Canada. Through our network of dealership partners, you can avail of the best car deals right away hence saving you a lot of time and money. Furthermore, our customer service is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you want. Take advantage of our auto loan options today and get approved for the car that you truly want! Canada has incredible auto loan offers available right now. Act fast and don’t miss the chance to avail the best prices available today.